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Social justice comics

Seventeen teenagers worked with volunteers and guest artists to create 10 comics. They conducted video interviews with local advocates on their chosen social justice topics: gender equality, arts in schools, bullying, LGBTQ community and suicide prevention.

Thank you, Michigan

This mural was made possible by local residents who wanted to create a place for people to communicate with one another. It’s about making public spaces that help us see we are not alone as we work together to lead Michigan into a brighter future.


This wall was inspired by artist Candy Chang. She began a global chalkboard art project, “Before I Die,” that invites people to share their personal aspirations in a public space. 

The workshops were a partnership with Michigan State University Director of Dance Sherrie Barr and undergraduate students to teach at-risk youth about art and movement. Students examined body images, space, shape, and texture from varied points of view. 

video (c) Jeana-Dee Allen

Art meets movement

Fifteen students partnered with local glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith, Impression 5 Science Center, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics, and Delphi Glass to successfully handcraft eight planets and a sun. The artwork has been permanently installed at Impression 5. 

Art of the solar system

video (c) Dan Hartley

video (c) Dan Hartley

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